Facebook Giving Better Control on Newsfeed

Have you been fussing over the content visible on your newsfeed wall? Do not like the posts visible over there? Missing content from your best friends while some other random acquaintances are making their way on your wall?

With regular algorithm changes occurring on Facebook every now and then, it has become an issue for the social networking site users. They most often do not like the stuff visible to them whether its posts related to their friends or related to the page they have liked. Facebook users wish to have a better control over their wall content so they can enjoy it more every time visiting the social media account.

Due to all these conditions, Facebook is also facing a lack of visits or time spent on the profile. To improve the condition and providing what the viewers wish to see as per their own choice, Facebook has given them more power as the settings in newsfeed menu. You can visit this menu, add people who you wish to see more, remove the ones you do not wish to see, and reduce posts from the ones you wish to see but not that much.

With such a step Facebook has surely tried to get rid of the comments pointed at them for controlling the posts on newsfeed. Apart from this, Facebook also consider the user action in order to enhance or reduce visibility of pages and friends on your wall. If you like or comment on posts of a certain page or person, chances are high that you will see them more. Hence, forth, do moderate your actions as well along with the newsfeed menu settings.

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