Top 10 Incredible Tips For Promoting YouTube Videos And Get Higher Traffic

The video is now being considered as the bold new frontier by the new age digital marketers. It is interactive and engaging and thus, it allows marketers to get to connect with their targeted audience effortlessly. But developing a creative video is one thing and making it popular among people is a different thing altogether. This is the reason why you need to check out the following tips if you really want to make your video a huge hit on the web.

1. Title Is Vital For Promoting Your Video On YouTube

Choosing the best and catchy title for your YouTube Video is vital for getting noticed easily in search results. Videos with interesting Titles tend to generate more views and they get shared by people widely among their friend circle. It is advised to do a keyword research online, and create the right title with the keyword at the beginning. This will boost the visibility of your video in that targeted keyword to some extent. Some of the tips to create a cool title for YouTube are – include superlative words like – Best, Awesome, Incredible etc. You can play with words that are sensual or censored in nature but be careful because in some cases your videos may get flagged because of the use of such words. You need to be creative while playing around with such words. You need to keep the title short and straight to the topic.

2. Placing The Right Tags

Tags play a vital role in promoting and improving organic traffic for your YouTube Videos. You need to search for top ranking tags relevant to your videos and include them in your video tags. You can also add your keywords, brand name, or variation of the keywords as tags and all these will help generate more views for your videos.

3. Use A Customized Thumbnail

You can create a custom thumbnail using tools like YouZign or Canvas for your YouTube Videos in a matter of few minutes.  The attributes of the best thumbnail include higher resolution of 1280 x 720, aspect ratio of 16:9 and size less than 2 MG. You need to upload the Thumbnail in formats .png, .bmp, .gif or, .jpg only. It should work seamlessly on mobiles and desktops alike. Creating clickable and relevant thumbnail is more important to stand ahead in the suggested video sections.

4. Concentrate On Your Brand

Introducing 3 to 5 seconds clips highlighting your brand at the beginning of the video are vital to showcase your brand. It makes sense to put a small video clip at the end asking users to subscribe or give likes on social media. You can make use of Camtasia to build YouTube Intro and YouTube Outro for your videos. You can also seek the help of a talented professional from Fiverr to create Video Outro and Video Intro.

5. Attract Traffic From Social Media Channels

You need to drive traffic from your other social media channels to your YouTube channel and vice versa. It is a popular strategy employed by almost all marketers. All you have to do is to post the video of your YouTube channel to your social media channel and ask your followers to check them out. This simple strategy will help you drive more traffic to your YouTube video. The best tools to share YouTube Videos on social media networks are Buffer and IFTT.

6. Create A Blog To Promote YouTube Channel

Creating a blog with the help of a WordPress and embedding the link to your YouTube Videos will help to promote your videos. To increase the ranking of your blog, you can make use of Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin. Other useful platforms for creating blogs for promoting your videos include Tumblr, Medium, and Blogspot.

7. Generate More Views By Adding Your Video To A Playlist

One of the best ways to get more views after uploading your video to YouTube is by adding to an existing playlist. You can also create your own playlist by including keywords in the title.  You can add a description and include similar videos in the playlist to get noticed in search results and generate more views for your videos.

8. Calls To Action On Social Media

You need to tell the viewers about calls to action on social media networks at the end of the video. You can request the viewers to give likes on social media networks like Facebook and subscribe to your video channel. It helps to share your videos to more users and increase traffic.

9. Interview Influencers To Promote YouTube Channel

Interviewing influencers is one of the proven ways to get access to a thriving community. You can make use of Skype or Google Hangouts to interview influencers in your specific niche.

10. Spend Some Time To Learn At Creator Academy Of YouTube

Most of the YouTube Promoters focus on creating and uploading more videos to the YouTube Channel. It is suggested to put in some time to learn new techniques and method to make more money from YouTube Channels. You can learn about existing and emerging tips and tricks at YouTube Creator Academy.

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