4 Social Media Marketing Trends That Will Rule 2017


There’s absolutely no doubt in it that social media marketing will be with us for a very long time. It clearly draws enormous staying power from its evolving nature! So far it has also responded and adapted quite well with the changing technology, and there’s clearly no reason whatsoever why it won’t continue to do so in the near future.

So, let’s just explore what 2017 promises for social media marketing:

1) New Communication Areas

Previously, social media acted as a means for online communication between individuals only. Soon, the scenario changed when brands made their presence felt in this platform. As a result, it became a means for various brands to communicate with their consumers. But at present, social media marketing is exploring some fresh communicative areas as most platforms are extending excellent facilities for customer service. And this obviously is helping to take the relationship between consumers and brands to a whole new level. So, in 2017, expect to witness more variations here with the advent of more brands looking to explore this opportunity.

2) Imaginative and Inspirational Content 

Practical content draws plenty of customer attention. On the other hand, emotionally charged content often get circulated virally. But in 2017, imaginative and inspirational content is going to make the biggest buzz over the social media platform. And quite obviously, the future of social media marketing will revolve around it. The biggest plus for this type of content is its artistic nature, which will always make way for something nice in front of the users. Therefore, it will also eliminate the possibility of experiencing something reactive or pragmatic all the time. Moreover, it will also come as a welcome relief from low-key advertising.

3) Video 

In the year 2017, the importance and interest for various types of video is going to increase by leaps and bounds. And from social media marketing point of view, we can well declare it as the year of the video! For this very reason, most social media platforms are ready to introduce easier and quicker ways to get in touch with the video for its users. At the same time, improved and unique tools would be made available for the creators. And videos of all types such as 360-degree, recorded, and live will come into consideration. Moreover, it’s most likely that brand advertisers will begin to perceive platforms such as Facebook and Twitter as their new version of television.

It’s important to keep in mind that social media platforms over the internet are continually looking for means to artificially recreate the emotions of real life human interaction all within the platform that has been inherently non-human. For this very reason, videos get priority over stills and images over text. So, this trend to recreate human contact with videos in particular will get further stronger in the year 2017.

4) Ephemeral Social Media 

Snapchat and Instagram are already using it with great amount of success. In this format the story / content disappears after a specific time period. The biggest plus with it is that it invariably pulls people into these sites for viewing the daily content. In other words, these sites make people rush for their posted story by playing the disappearing tactic. So far it has worked very well. In the year 2017 this format is bound to reach a new high! And there’s every possibility that almost all social media platforms will use it along with contests, gifts and other attractions in order to draw more audience.

So, as per my prediction the above mentioned four trends are going to rule in the year 2017. There’s no need for you to follow everything, even a little bit of experimenting and dabbling will benefit you. Best of luck!

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What You Need to Include in A Facebook Landing Page


Social Media offers great potential to promote your business and almost every business today is into developing Facebook landing pages to capture leads, get signups or drive resource downloads. However, not everyone achieves success in improving their conversion rates up to their satisfaction.

So what would you do if you wanted to improve your conversion rates on your Facebook Landing Page? Would you run an online search on ‘SMO Company India’ or ‘SEO Service India’ to find and hire a professional service to do it for you?

You can do it yourself too! All you need to do is keep these five things in mind while designing the Landing Page for your Facebook ads and other promotional social media posts.

  1. The length of your copy should be based on your goal: One thing you need to remember is that once a visitor lands on your landing page through your Facebook ad, you have only about 10 seconds to grab his attention and coax him to take the call-to-action. Your call-to-action could be to make him/her to buy your product or service, sign up for your website, book an appointment or download the resource that you are offering. The copy that you put up in your landing page depends totally on the goal you have in mind when you post that Facebook ad.

If your goal is to make your visitor take an action immediately, it is better to keep your copy shorter. A lengthy landing page may only serve a long-term goal like creating awareness about your product or educating your audience about your brand. The shorter your copy-length the faster will your conversion rates be.

2) Limit those Form Fields: It is not a good idea to keep too many form fields if you want a higher conversion rate. Too many form fields may drive your visitors away. Ask for only that information that you actually require from them. As per a study conducted by QuickSprout, landing pages that had only three form fields were able to reach a conversion rate of 25 percent, while this was only 15 percent for the landing pages that had six or more form fields.

3) Use more of Visuals: A picture is truly worth more than thousand words. This works for your Facebook landing page too. If you want to communicate your message effectively in the shortest time span possible you can do it only by using visual elements in your landing page. Here, you need to understand that more than 60% of people in this world are visual learners and people hardly have the time to read. Make sure the visuals you use reflect your brand in the best way possible and capture the attention of your visitors, without overwhelming their eyes.

4) Use Designs that are “Mobile-ready” and Responsive: 40% Facebook users use their mobiles to access Facebook and this will only keep increasing. This is what you need to keep in mind while designing your Facebook Landing Page. Make sure your landing page functions well on all kinds of devices, helping the users navigate easily. The form should also be easier to fill in via mobile devices. If you are not aware of CSS and HTML, you can even make use of a landing page builder tool such as ShortStack.com. All these templates are optimized for mobile devices and you can use any of them to design your landing page. It is also a better idea to try your landing page on multiple platforms and see how it looks and functions.

5) Keep just one Call-to-Action per landing page: Too many CTAs may only lead to confusions that might drive your visitors away. There should be just one clickable item on your landing page. Use as less features as possible and cut down on those drop-down menus, social icons and links. You should have only one goal per landing page and this goal should be achieved through a single call-to-action.

How to Engage Users with Effective Content Writing and SMO?


The 3P’s of content writing services are Profitable, Precise and Polished words. The content writers appointed in the company have to regulate a medium through which the content of the client is easily accessible to the customers and moreover the content should be well versed and attractive so that more and more customers are driven by it. With such competitive environment where everyone wants to get to the top all of us want to increase and socialize the trustworthiness and goodwill of our company website and this is possible through social media optimization.

Social media optimization (SMO) increases the awareness of a product, brand or an event by using a numerous number of social media outlets and communities to generate viral publicity so that it reaches globally. Just a few years ago when social media didn’t even existed people used primitive ways to enhance and sell their product or services but today with social media services in which everything is global by just one click, we cannot see the world without it and want everything to be done through it and reach a large number of audience.

The expert professionals write contents for the client and combine social media marketing tactics and Search Engine Optimization insights and do the following:

  • Uses different platforms like Google+, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube etc to promote product or services.
  • It reaches to large number of people around the globe.
  • Tries to Display the product and company with Graphics images and Words through fan page or groups.

Quality content writing plays a very important role for evolving a website without taking in consideration the nature of the business. Therefore, the companies prefer to promote their product or service through SMO and they can map their online visibility in a shorter span of time with the help of efficient words.

Web Brain InfoTech, New Delhi, India based Web Services Company help you with their best content writing services and SMO Services by integrating both into one campaign and run into web for guaranteed results. Drop your enquiry at info@webbraininfotech.com.

Social Networking Sites: Working as a Boon for Your Business


Regardless of the fact that you as of now have an effective site it is vital to keep up on the most recent web showcasing systems. You must have the capacity to persistently drive a constant flow of focused on activity to your sites. Movement is the pulse of your business. When your movement diminishes you won’t have any more deals, and you will quit profiting.

The most recent web showcasing strategy you ought to be mindful of is person to person communication. Interpersonal interaction used to be only for system and partner advertisers, yet no more. This system is currently utilized for all web locales, and additionally by entrepreneurs and different experts and consultants.

Long range interpersonal communication comes in numerous arrangements. You can work through sites, for example, Face Book that permit you to set up basically another site for yourself or your business. You can utilize that site to blog, make declarations, or system with others. Another prevalent stage is Linked In, which is generally about systems administration with individuals and organizations. This is all the more frequently utilized by individual experts. New locales, for example, Twitter are presently being utilized too for posting short goodies and keeping your image before the general people.

Truly the advantages of these are the same than the advantages of the other showcasing strategies that drove into person to person communication, for example, posting site remarks and presenting on message sheets. The more your name and site connection are out there, the more introduction you get and the more cash you make.

Informal community destinations are the new type of online social centers. More clients swing to long range informal communication destinations to discover friends and family, reconnect with old companions, or even host a secondary school get-together. Then again, interpersonal interaction destinations offer more than simply meeting new and old companions, it can likewise be a street to advance your most recent book, show online clients about your site and upgrades, or even utilize the social locales to advance your perspectives and motivation.

Advantages of Going for SMO Packages in Business Marketing


Marketing a business is always the means of advancing a business. It is the only way you can propel a business to higher heights. Any business expert will tell you that wanting your business to flourish without the use of proper marketing methods is like expecting to find an exam easy when you have never studied or attended any classes. No doubt you would fail that exam lamentably. This also applies to business. You do not just and wait for clients or customers; you have to go out there and entice them to your business. This is only possible if you are using the right marketing methods. An example of a reliable way to market any business is through the use of SMO packages India methods. Here are some of the major advantages that come with the use SMO packages India methods.

First of all, the methods involve the optimisation of a business site for social media marketing. This simply means that the site will become searchable and visible in social media sites. The client is at liberty to choose one’s preferred social media site. This is because the targeted audiences differ from one company to another. When your site is optimised for social media sites, you get to increase your chances of reaching out to many customers irrespective of their location or age.

The other thing that makes SMOs the best way to advertise is the fact that dissemination of information is very simple and straight forward. According to a recent research, there are more internet surfers who visit the internet for purposes of logging on to social network sites than any other sites. At least 80 % of the internet surfers visit social networking sites. This explains why content writing services India companies often optimise their information for the social network sites. Many other content writing services providers do this because of the advantages that are associated with social media marketing.

How Social Media is Helping You in Growing Your Business


SMO can be utilized as a part of diverse ways yet its primary point would be dependably advancement of your site. SMO Company India likewise gives SMO benefits as a piece of their online arrangements. With the utilization of long range interpersonal communication destinations and other social online exercises advancement and showcasing of the items and administrations of the organizations is conceivable.

These informal organizations help in addressing the needs of the individuals effectively. Seeing the prominence of the current ones, there are numerous new informal communities likewise rising. The distinctive Social Media Optimization advisor India offers individuals who need to have their own particular informal community with the skilled administrations. This incorporates making the webpage with highlights like individual scraps, exchange gatherings, remarks, composition websites, and so forth. Further to advance your system they send sends, SMS cautions and utilization other SEO means and routes for site advancement. Social Media Packages India helps you get ad libbed.

Organizations can make benefit through legitimate utilization of Social Media Optimization method. Fitting arrangement with exact time variable assumes an essential part here. SMO Company most importantly needs to assess and examine your business and afterward put your image name on the web world in a key position where it will draw in greatest focused on group of onlookers.

Further you can make new companions and increase critical data about them through these systems. The different Social Media Optimization advisors crosswise over India work forward to give something new every time to their important clients. On the off chance that you have arrangements to have your own particular informal organization site, reach them now. They have the experience of taking care of such undertaking viably.