Understanding The Concept Of Affiliate Marketing


What is affiliate marketing? 

Affiliate marketing is one of the genuine and oldest forms of marketing strategies. This type of marketing is done on the online portal only. It is a very trending form of marketing lately. Affiliate marketing is a form of marketing that is a process of earning a commission by selling or promoting other people or other company’s products.

The people who get into this type of marketing earn on the basis of the commission on the product that they promote. The product is certainly not theirs. They promote someone else’s product to people. If people are interested and buy it, then the owner of the product send the commission to the affiliates. It is processed on the permission and approval of the owner itself. The process is not illegal. The government approves of this kind of marketing.

How does affiliate marketing work? 

  • Signing up: The first step is to sign up for the affiliate marketing program. There are various programs available on the internet. One just needs to sign up for the most suitably targeting site. The signing up is of no cost.
  • Provision of link and ID: A proper Affiliates ID is provided by several affiliate companies. This ID helps in tracking of the order. A link is also provided to the affiliates. The link is the unique URL for each product, that helps in tracking the proceedings of the marketing and selling.
  • Commission or salary: The salary or the commission is never fixed for an affiliate. It totally depends on the amount of sales executed. The other factor is also to be considered which the amount of the product sold is. It depends on both the things as to how much commission would be provided to the affiliates.
  • Payment mode: The payment is made timely every month. There are different modes of payments. It depends on the affiliate program that one chooses. Some offer the mode of check, while some may prefer transferring online through PayPal or other sources.
  • The next product: The search of the next product or new project depends on the affiliate. There is variety of options all over the internet to choose from.

Important Note:

  1. The process of affiliate marketing is not illegal or dangerous. It is according to the set laws by the government.
  2. There is no qualification required to become an affiliate.

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