Top 11 Websites And Tools For IOS App Coders


Developing an IOS app is not easy. It involves a lot of coding and repeated testing to ensure that the app is functioning smoothly otherwise all your efforts will go wasted. However, just having some coding skills is not enough; rather you need to have access to some popular tools that can make your IOS app development process less complicated and less painful.

Here in this article, we are going to review some popular tools that IOS app developers are using all time to streamline their operation and to weed out errors from the process.

Get Your Prototype Running on the Mobile in just 15 Minutes

Planning an app and passing on the idea to your team is vital for the successful development of an iOS App. You can simply develop an app with your idea on your desktop, scan it and play the prototype on iPad, iPhone or an Android using the App Institute’s App Screen Shot Maker. It helps to save your time and money before deciding to code. You can make use of its visual linking system to create multiple screen flows and choose the best one for you iOS App. You can send the best screen flow to your team to start coding.

You can just develop a prototype of one screen and use the websites like, or to apply and visualize the designs for various sizes and screens.

Testing of iOS Apps on Cloud for testing Apps on cloud

Once you develop a prototype of an iOS app, you can make use of to test the app on the cloud and stream it to some selected mobile users. It helps you get feedbacks on your concept before making the app live and deal with its consequences. allows you to test and get feedbacks on your app in a closed environment and this is great from the perspective of an iOS app developer. offers a quick solution to test initial version of the apps and make changes before making the final version live on the web. This tool comes with the one-week free trial offer and after that, you will have to upgrade your account.

AppThWack is another cool tool to test the compatibility of your iOS app on different devices before you take a final decision whether to make it live or to keep it grounded for an extended period of time till all the bugs are fixed.

Tools to Create iOS App Screenshots

Before you submit your app to Apple App Store, you need to have some cool screenshots of your apps. Now, you don’t have to use a DSLR camera and take some snaps of a guy using your app on his iPhone. Nope, thanks to Launch, you don’t have to do it. This web-based tool allows you to create iPhone screenshots of really high quality that you can upload to the Apple App Store. The majority of iOS app developers are using this web based tool to generate iOS App Screenshots before submitting their apps.

Tools for Creating Demo Videos of iOS App

Demo Videos help to convince the users to try and install your App on their devices. Therefore, creating an engaging and interactive demo is vital as the demo will display the features and benefits of the app in a novel way. You can include instructions like how to download or buy the app from Apple App store in it.

You can create professional quality demo videos with the help of TechSmith App Show. It does not take more than 5 to 10 minutes to create a professional looking demo video for your iOS App. Once the video is done, you will need to the voice over done by a professional. Since you don’t have a big budget, you find a voice over professional on some freelancing sites like Fiverr. Check the reviews and reputations of the voice over artist before hiring him for the job. Camtasia is another best app for editing demo video and fine tune it.

Get App Reviews via Email

App Review Monitor

If you would like to receive reviews of your iOS apps and make changes based on user feedback, Review Monitor is the best tool for your needs. It is the best free tool to get a notification whenever a user reviews your iOS app.

App Listing Rater is another tool to incorporate changes to your iOS app once it is up and running. Those of you, who want to see a major improvement in the ranking of your app in Apple App Store, should opt for this one. This tool generates a list of suggestions that you should implement to improve the existing rankings of your app.

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