Incorporating Video in Online Marketing Mix


Adding videos to your online marketing mix is not all about creating panic or confusion. It enhances the fun and engaging element of your online marketing strategies and enables your customers to interact with your brand in a better way. In fact Videos can have a huge impact on your business. This is quite evident from the following facts:

  1. By incorporating videos, your click-through rates can by increased by 65%
  2. 50% of the mobile traffic in the world is occupied by online videos as of now
  3. By 2017, videos are going to take up about 69% of the consumer traffic

Here are a few benefits you can expect from incorporating videos in your online marketing mix:

Increase in Visibility: More people tend to watch videos when compared to reading posts. Once you upload your video on social media, it keeps getting shared from person to person, giving you maximum visibility.

Better engagement with your customers: Once your customers watch the video you have uploaded, they start interacting with you, giving their opinions, helping you understand their expectations and showing you the path to move ahead. This is an excellent way to keep them engaged in conversations with you.

More traffic to your website: Once you give your consumers a video that they love watching, they are bound to come back to you for more. This will boost the traffic to your website, increasing the chances of conversions and thereby your sales.

Delivering message clearly:  Videos help you in delivering your message clearly to your target audience. Since people can see, hear and read from the videos, they will be able to understand better. This helps you to achieve your objective much faster and efficiently.

Adding videos to online marketing mix is something that most SEO companies across the world do. You can get more information by contacting an SEO company. You can find one in India easily by running an online search on ‘SEO Services India.’ Most of these may even offer reseller SEO packages that may be useful for you if you happen to be a web designing company.

So what do you have to do in order to incorporate videos into your online marketing mix?

Determine the following things:

  • What should your video contain?
  • Where should you place your video?
  • What is the kind of budget you can allocate to your video?

Find out how your competitors are incorporating videos online and take inspiration from them. Look out for ways to engage with your customers across the various social media platforms. See which videos get shared. Learn what you need to include in your videos so as to interact or engage with your viewers.

A few things that can help you here:

Vlog: Vlogging or Video Blogging is one of the easiest ways to include videos in your online marketing strategies. All you will need is some basic technological equipment such as a smart phone and an external microphone and you are all set to record.Your blog can be the basis for your vlog too. You can explain the main points of your blog and share your opinions and thoughts. This will also help you in establishing yourself as an authority in the industry. This will be an excellent way to share your content across various social media platforms. You can even use vlog to create a few ‘how to’ tutorials that your audience will find very useful. You can even make a Vlog video showing a typical day in office to add up to the fun element of your blog or social media page.

Your homepage can have videos too: Especially if yours is a retail website you will benefit a lot by including videos on your homepage. As per studies by ComScore:

  • Videoshelp in retaining visitors on your website for more time
  • The visitors of Video retail sales are 64% more likely to purchase products on the site

These benefits are not however limited to retail sectors. They apply across all industries.

It pays to include your Video Snippets across all your Online Marketing platforms: You can upload your video snippet on YouTube and then share it on Facebook and Twitter. You can even embed the same on to the home page of your website. A short snippet of your video could even be included on Vine or Instagram. This will increase your visibility.

Periscope: With Periscope, you can watch live video streams and even broad cast your videos. You can put up videos about any topic here, say:

  • Product launches
  • Team interviews
  • Any advice that you want to give to your customers
  • Question and Answer sessions

A bit of research will let you know the different ways in which you can incorporate videos. Ultimately, it all depends on how catchy or engaging your video is and how well it can deliver your message across your audience. You can definitely take some help from the companies that you found on the Search engine upon searching for “SEO Services India” or “reseller SEO packages.” However, it is always better to determine your requirements and specifications beforehand.

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5 Ways to Make Shareable Images That Drive Traffic

Text updates do not rule social media anymore. Everything has become visual. Every page that you see is filled with videos, graphics and images. There is a valid reason behind this and that is:

The time taken for the human brain to process visuals is 60,000 times faster when compared to text.’

You may think what if you don’t have it in you to design these graphic elements. No worries! Technology has the answer to every problem today. You need not go looking for an artist or run an online search on ‘SMO company India’ to get your graphic elements designed. There is no need to pinch your pocket by hiring the services of any graphic designer or smo company India. Here is a list of five design hacks that you can use to enhance your social media content and make it shareable and engaging:

1) The WordPress Image Hover Lite: This plugin can prove very helpful to increase the share-ability of your graphics and boost traffic to your website. You can enhance your text by adding in shapes, textures and colors that can capture the attention of your visitors instantly. Try to use as less text as possible. You can use images that have empty copy spaces where you can fit in your text. This way, you can make your text readable, digestible and also sharable. This plugin will also allow you to add in a few social share hovers on your images to make them sharable.


2) Websites like Pexels, SplitShire, Life of Pix and Unsplash can help you with high quality images that you can download for free: Awkward, Cheesy and grainy images can no way make your brand look professional and credible. Gone are those days when you had to pay a lot of money to buy images of high resolution. Today such images are available in every category possible, on many websites, free of charge. They will make your graphics look appealing and very much sharable.


3) for creating exclusive designs and documents: This is an excellent website to create social graphics, banners, flyers, brochures, infographics, business cards, posters and various other kinds of material. It is very easy to learn and use these tools as they are extremely user-friendly. It is good to have a variety of visual content such as quote graphics, infographics, screenshots and photographs, so that you can keep your fans engaged on social media. You can keep your templates ready to make it as easy and quick as possible.


4) Pinterest Research for visual trends: If you are looking to add in some trendy visuals to your website Pinterest research would be a good option. You can find everything starting from banners, quote cards, brochures to infographics. It is also possible to keep an account of those graphics that resonate among the audience through the number of re-pins. Keep it as simple as possible and take away any graphic elements that may compete with your message. Pinterest will help you create content that is attention-grabbing and trendy within no time at all.


5) Brand your Graphics with Color Palettes, fonts and filters from Pinterest: There is no point using graphics that do not contain your brand. Make sure you always add a watermark whenever you use graphics. Even a link to your website at the end of the graphic will do. It is good to create a template that you can use for things like photographs, infographics and quotes. Also keep standard color themes, font combinations and filters that you will use in all kinds of content.


Any of these design hacks can make your social media campaign a super duper success and help you in increase the share-ability of the graphics you create. It is now up to you to try out one of these as per your preferences.