4 SEO Trends that Every SEO Company India Should Follow


The year 2015 has seen many exciting changes in the SEO industry, and as per predictions, 2016 should not be anything less than exciting. There have been minor updates about algorithms from Google, new changes in usage of mobile devices and also a few prominent digital technologies that have assisted the growth of SEO. It is a well-known fact that online business or ecommerce to be precise will always need search engine traffic for its growth and survival. And with each passing year, the SEO techniques are changing drastically. And if you look carefully, you will notice that the latest trends show that SEO is now treated not only as a marketing tactic, but also as an effective tool for brand awareness and recognition. So what are the predictions for SEO techniques in 2016?

The rise of the video content

Written content has always been treated as the ‘standard’ baseline for most of the brands with certain peripheral additions like videos, infographics and images. A certain shift in paradigm shows that videos will outgrow written content. And if you look at different SEO packages, you will note that most of them conclude that in terms of ROI, videos have shown more promise than written words. Videos have taken a step forward in terms of three Es: effectiveness, engagement and entertainment. Users are leaning more towards the visual content. In fact, a lot of brands are taking an effort to reinvent their content keeping videos in the forefront. And if trends are to be believed, then Google too is experimenting with video ads.

Mobile optimization of sites will become essential

Gone are the days when people would sit before a desktop and search the internet. The constant rise of the mobile users have confirmed the fact that now mobile searches are more popular than desktop searches. And every SEO company India knows it for a fact that now desktop and mobile traffic stand on the same footing. Google has already started saying that it is time to emphasize on the needs and requirements of the mobile users. Desktop users will soon fade into obscurity as more and more people will believe in enhanced mobile experience.

Changes in social media content

In 2016, as you search for news items you will probably find a tweet from Twitter or a message from Google. Social media will invade a lot more spaces making the users aware about the growing popularity of this platform. Social posts will have the same standing as any web page. The thin line that has demarcated social media from web will soon fade away. And there will be one single channel which will aggregate news, stories and live events for people to see. In fact, Twitter is already experimenting with one such platform known as ‘Moments’. And if you think from a SEO perspective, it will be much better because content creation and distribution will be easier as compared to previous times.

Creating brand awareness among customers

Before every purchase every potential customer checks online reviews; it is their way of knowing about the good things about the product. Potential customers want to be informed; they do not want to make a decision unless they are enlightened. Without a proper SEO campaign how do you expect your business to gain popularity among your customers? They must find you when they are making these online searches. The number of people or online users has grown in numbers in the last couple of years, and they will make their presence felt even in 2016.

It is time to reinvent some age-old SEO techniques and embrace some new ones, because SEO is ‘far from being dead’!

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Why you should be investing more on Mobile PPC?


Some marketers believe that most people carry around their desktops with them whenever they go. Well, this can’t be true right? How can a smart guy who is into online marketing for a while believe in such ridiculous thing? Well, guess what, this could be the only reason why ‘some’ adwords specialists still tend to ignore when it comes to serving the ad copies to the users who are using mobile devices.

Mobile has become ubiquitous these days. People in fact are always switching between multiple devices to be able to stay connected to the web and that means, if you are ignoring mobile PPC, you are making a serious mistake. Here in this article, we are going to explain why we should be focusing more Mobile PPC

Targeting International Audience

If you check Google Analytics Report of your website, you will come to realize the fact that majority of conversion are still happening from the desktop users. But the scenario changes drastically when you are checking the conversion report of a website that gets traffic mainly from developed world. You will find that a significant percentage of the total number of conversion is happening from mobile devices instead. However, it is not at all surprising given the fact that in developed countries more and more people are using hi-end mobile devices and hi-speed net connection that enable them to browse the web faster and effortlessly. So, if the majority of your targeting audiences are located in the USA, the UK or any other developed countries, you need to make sure that you serving your ads to the mobile users too. In fact, the situation is changing in emerging markets like India, China, Brazil and some African countries like Kenya, South Africa, Ghana, and Botswana etc where an increasing number of people are using hi-end mobile devices to browse the web. So, don’t ignore these prospective customers. So, if you are running a business from any of those countries, you just need to get in touch with a PPC company in India to get started in case you don’t have the required set of skills.

Click to Call Function

Since Adwords has included a function name – Click to call that enabled mobile to call directly from their handsets, it has opened a window of opportunity for the marketers. BIA/Kelsey study shows that a whopping 65 percentage of marketers put their trust on this Feature as they believe that Click to Call option helps them convert more people.

Wondering why does this happen? Well then try to imagine the journey of a desktop user. First he sees your adwords ads > clicks on it > lands on the landing page > clicks on the Call to Action button >gets redirected to Contact Us page > Fills out all the information > Clicks on the Submit button.

This is clearly a long journey and the chances are quite high that a vast majority of such users might end up changing their mind midway and eventually leave the website. Probably this is the reason why desktop based landing page has such a low conversion rate just around 3%.

This is the reason why the Click to Call feature can be the game changer. The users would not have to visit the landing page. They will see the ad and if they like, they will just call the business right from their mobile device. Simple and convenient.

Promote Your App

Mobile PPC is absolutely important for promoting your company’s app. You simply will not gain anything if you are serving an ad that encourages users to download a mobile app. Just think this way. Desktop users will click on that add only to find that they need to type a long URL in their mobile browser to be able to download that app. This is super irritating from a user’s stand point. So, if you are trying to promote your mobile app, the bottom-line is you need to start targeting the mobile users via Mobile PPC. Try to find a reliable PPC company in India who is well versed with different aspects of Mobile PPC and you will see a steady increase in the number of download of your mobile app.

Everything Has Changed

Search Landscape has changed massively in the past few years. An increasing number of people are now using tablets, iPhone etc to do their daily works and to browse the web. So, if you are not targeting these people, you will not be able to increase the revenue of your business organization. Moreover, mobile search volume has already surpassed the desktop search volume and that means, marketing opportunities have moved to the mobile landscape already. So if you are still ignoring the importance of Mobile PPC, you will be missing out on opportunities that could have been knocking at your door otherwise.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to kickstart a mobile PPC campaign because there are many marketing companies offering PPC management services in India. You can call us directly in that case and we will help you to get started.

Mobile Apps- A Necessity to Stand in Business Marketing


Web Brain Infotech offers legion of services starting from SEO services, internet marketing, domain and web hosting to web services. Two very popular services amongst Web Services are Web Design Services and Mobile App Development.

The popularity of Internet and mobiles cannot be overstated. And therefore the work associated with these two is ever in demand. We are spending much of digital time in mobile devices. Most of that mobile time is spent in apps. Therefore, apps are becoming the dominant form of digital interaction. Every other company now days provide Web design services and mobile app development. But to stand out in this day and age, where there is plethora of websites and mobile apps, one needs Innovative Business Solutions. Web Brain InfoTech provides exactly that in India.

Talking specifically about Web design services, a website today is your businesses virtual home. If it’s attractive, if its customer enticing and if it’s easy to use, you have done half of your job. Web Brain Infotech will provide custom website design to re-design services to get that desired website for your business.

Mobile apps are catching up faster than expected. There are companies who shut down their websites to solely operate on a mobile application. Your app could be a means of advertisement or for operational purpose. If you want your business to provide twenty-four-seven connectivity, ease of operation for your customer, you might already be considering creating a mobile app. Web Brain Infotech has the experience and customer focus that helps it to deliver products par clients’ expectations.

The essence of going to these medium is to get a unique product, which is what Web Brain Infotech is committed to. Both websites and mobile apps play an important part in success of any company. A committed company like Web Brain Infotech is a must to all your services related to web services and marketing because the company gives top priority to its customers.