What You Need to Include in A Facebook Landing Page


Social Media offers great potential to promote your business and almost every business today is into developing Facebook landing pages to capture leads, get signups or drive resource downloads. However, not everyone achieves success in improving their conversion rates up to their satisfaction.

So what would you do if you wanted to improve your conversion rates on your Facebook Landing Page? Would you run an online search on ‘SMO Company India’ or ‘SEO Service India’ to find and hire a professional service to do it for you?

You can do it yourself too! All you need to do is keep these five things in mind while designing the Landing Page for your Facebook ads and other promotional social media posts.

  1. The length of your copy should be based on your goal: One thing you need to remember is that once a visitor lands on your landing page through your Facebook ad, you have only about 10 seconds to grab his attention and coax him to take the call-to-action. Your call-to-action could be to make him/her to buy your product or service, sign up for your website, book an appointment or download the resource that you are offering. The copy that you put up in your landing page depends totally on the goal you have in mind when you post that Facebook ad.

If your goal is to make your visitor take an action immediately, it is better to keep your copy shorter. A lengthy landing page may only serve a long-term goal like creating awareness about your product or educating your audience about your brand. The shorter your copy-length the faster will your conversion rates be.

2) Limit those Form Fields: It is not a good idea to keep too many form fields if you want a higher conversion rate. Too many form fields may drive your visitors away. Ask for only that information that you actually require from them. As per a study conducted by QuickSprout, landing pages that had only three form fields were able to reach a conversion rate of 25 percent, while this was only 15 percent for the landing pages that had six or more form fields.

3) Use more of Visuals: A picture is truly worth more than thousand words. This works for your Facebook landing page too. If you want to communicate your message effectively in the shortest time span possible you can do it only by using visual elements in your landing page. Here, you need to understand that more than 60% of people in this world are visual learners and people hardly have the time to read. Make sure the visuals you use reflect your brand in the best way possible and capture the attention of your visitors, without overwhelming their eyes.

4) Use Designs that are “Mobile-ready” and Responsive: 40% Facebook users use their mobiles to access Facebook and this will only keep increasing. This is what you need to keep in mind while designing your Facebook Landing Page. Make sure your landing page functions well on all kinds of devices, helping the users navigate easily. The form should also be easier to fill in via mobile devices. If you are not aware of CSS and HTML, you can even make use of a landing page builder tool such as ShortStack.com. All these templates are optimized for mobile devices and you can use any of them to design your landing page. It is also a better idea to try your landing page on multiple platforms and see how it looks and functions.

5) Keep just one Call-to-Action per landing page: Too many CTAs may only lead to confusions that might drive your visitors away. There should be just one clickable item on your landing page. Use as less features as possible and cut down on those drop-down menus, social icons and links. You should have only one goal per landing page and this goal should be achieved through a single call-to-action.


5 Ways to Make Shareable Images That Drive Traffic

Text updates do not rule social media anymore. Everything has become visual. Every page that you see is filled with videos, graphics and images. There is a valid reason behind this and that is:

The time taken for the human brain to process visuals is 60,000 times faster when compared to text.’

You may think what if you don’t have it in you to design these graphic elements. No worries! Technology has the answer to every problem today. You need not go looking for an artist or run an online search on ‘SMO company India’ to get your graphic elements designed. There is no need to pinch your pocket by hiring the services of any graphic designer or smo company India. Here is a list of five design hacks that you can use to enhance your social media content and make it shareable and engaging:

1) The WordPress Image Hover Lite: This plugin can prove very helpful to increase the share-ability of your graphics and boost traffic to your website. You can enhance your text by adding in shapes, textures and colors that can capture the attention of your visitors instantly. Try to use as less text as possible. You can use images that have empty copy spaces where you can fit in your text. This way, you can make your text readable, digestible and also sharable. This plugin will also allow you to add in a few social share hovers on your images to make them sharable.


2) Websites like Pexels, SplitShire, Life of Pix and Unsplash can help you with high quality images that you can download for free: Awkward, Cheesy and grainy images can no way make your brand look professional and credible. Gone are those days when you had to pay a lot of money to buy images of high resolution. Today such images are available in every category possible, on many websites, free of charge. They will make your graphics look appealing and very much sharable.


3) Canva.com for creating exclusive designs and documents: This is an excellent website to create social graphics, banners, flyers, brochures, infographics, business cards, posters and various other kinds of material. It is very easy to learn and use these tools as they are extremely user-friendly. It is good to have a variety of visual content such as quote graphics, infographics, screenshots and photographs, so that you can keep your fans engaged on social media. You can keep your templates ready to make it as easy and quick as possible.


4) Pinterest Research for visual trends: If you are looking to add in some trendy visuals to your website Pinterest research would be a good option. You can find everything starting from banners, quote cards, brochures to infographics. It is also possible to keep an account of those graphics that resonate among the audience through the number of re-pins. Keep it as simple as possible and take away any graphic elements that may compete with your message. Pinterest will help you create content that is attention-grabbing and trendy within no time at all.


5) Brand your Graphics with Color Palettes, fonts and filters from Pinterest: There is no point using graphics that do not contain your brand. Make sure you always add a watermark whenever you use graphics. Even a link to your website at the end of the graphic will do. It is good to create a template that you can use for things like photographs, infographics and quotes. Also keep standard color themes, font combinations and filters that you will use in all kinds of content.


Any of these design hacks can make your social media campaign a super duper success and help you in increase the share-ability of the graphics you create. It is now up to you to try out one of these as per your preferences.

How Social Media is Helping You in Growing Your Business


SMO can be utilized as a part of diverse ways yet its primary point would be dependably advancement of your site. SMO Company India likewise gives SMO benefits as a piece of their online arrangements. With the utilization of long range interpersonal communication destinations and other social online exercises advancement and showcasing of the items and administrations of the organizations is conceivable.

These informal organizations help in addressing the needs of the individuals effectively. Seeing the prominence of the current ones, there are numerous new informal communities likewise rising. The distinctive Social Media Optimization advisor India offers individuals who need to have their own particular informal community with the skilled administrations. This incorporates making the webpage with highlights like individual scraps, exchange gatherings, remarks, composition websites, and so forth. Further to advance your system they send sends, SMS cautions and utilization other SEO means and routes for site advancement. Social Media Packages India helps you get ad libbed.

Organizations can make benefit through legitimate utilization of Social Media Optimization method. Fitting arrangement with exact time variable assumes an essential part here. SMO Company most importantly needs to assess and examine your business and afterward put your image name on the web world in a key position where it will draw in greatest focused on group of onlookers.

Further you can make new companions and increase critical data about them through these systems. The different Social Media Optimization advisors crosswise over India work forward to give something new every time to their important clients. On the off chance that you have arrangements to have your own particular informal organization site, reach them now. They have the experience of taking care of such undertaking viably.